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Congratulations to Tara O’Rourke, winner of Fandor’s Write a Review, win an iPad Contest!

Tara shared her thoughtful observations of the urban documentary Doin’ Time in Times Square (2007), directed by Charlie Ahearn:

“Slices of life…how things have changed since the 80’s…now we just don’t see it on the way to The Lion King.  The chaos is still out there somewhere though.  Seeing it juxtaposed with the children growing up, upstairs from the instability…the distance between the family and the street just feet apart…the stark human condition below and the spartan joy of the home above…I am left wondering if the camera was the most valuable item the family owned…how else better to deal with the stresses of the city than to funnel it through the eye of a camera…and expand upon the joys of their family life…New York, you are an enigma and despite your warts and sometimes open sores, hidden away in a 2 room flat beats your sustaining heart and soul.”

We’d also like to call out two runners up, who will receive a free three month subscription to Fandor:

May Kirby’s perceptive comments on Home (2009), directed by Ursula Meier:

“Interesting commentary on the human craving for continuity despite the invasion of profound change.  Characters were well-crafted and allowed intergenerational points-of-view. Additionally, each character magnificently assumed the matriarchal role to keep the status quo during a very stressful and exhausting transition for this family.”

Eric Loomis’s short but sweet summary of Alice Guy’s film The Glue (1907):

“People being glued to things. Comedy gold in 1907, comedy gold in 2012.”

Thanks to everyone who participated and be sure to check back on our Facebook page for more contests in the future!

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