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Explore the world of classic cult films with Fandor.com which allows you to celebrate the movies that have become staples on the cult circuit. But did you know what it takes for a movie to be considered a “cult classic”?
Cult classics are generally the movies that develop a particular fan base. These movies are obscure and not very popular in mainstream media (initially). But somehow, they manage to generate a huge fanbase and a dedicated following, all because of their characters, theme, storyline, and other contributing factors.
A cult classic is a rare achievement—which happens to a few lucky films. If you are in search of some iconic cult movies, we welcome you to our versatile platform, Fandor.com where we celebrate the movies that are loved and appreciated by plenty of cinema nerds. We can help you expand your watchlist with beloved cult flicks that have steadfast fans and are rapidly becoming a huge hit.
Most cult films have relatively small but special audiences as they are entertaining and unique films that capture people’s attention and interest. However, they become cult classics because they amasse such a following that not only do people watch it over and over again without getting tired, but they also have conventions made where people get together to celebrate their favorite movies and even dressing up as their favorite characters. It’s also not unusual for these movies to get remakes, sequels or spin-offs, as the fans are raging for more of their favorite movies.
We aim to take you on this special, surreal, offbeat, quirky, and a bit adventurous “cult classics” journey that is unusual in different and striking ways.
Let’s take your entertainment to the next level with Fandor and enjoy hundreds of underrated classic cult films.

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