What’s New on Fandor?

People go to their favorite streaming services and scroll through the long rows of content to see what’s trending. After that, they switch over to another platform and do the same – which is probably quite frustrating for users trying to find a new movie.
In today’s increasingly fragmented streaming landscape, it’s quite daunting to keep up with the content that’s available to watch. But there’s no need to panic! By presenting its users with new title suggestions, Fandor helps you anticipate and navigate all the content you might be interested in watching.
Fandor.com features a massive library of inspirational content that gives you free access to watch and stream your favorite movies online.
On a mission to become an undisputed champion in the world of streaming services, Fandor.com serves as a one-stop-shop that suggests all the new and interesting content there is for you every day, based on your interests and requirements.
The platform features a great line-up of content, so you won’t miss any of your favorite movies. For all the latest and most interesting streaming suggestions, see what’s new on Fandor.com and get a detailed overview of what to watch on your favorite streaming platform—without paying a single dime!

Ondi Timoner, director, poses
Award WinningFramesPodcastsWhat’s New on Fandor?

Fandor Festival Podcast Ep. 59: Ondi Timoner, Award-Winning Filmmaker & Director of “Coming Clean”

The team sits down with Ondi Timoner, award-winning non-fiction filmmaker & director of “Coming Clean”.   Ondi Timoner is known to be one of the …

FramesIndie DirectorsPodcastsWhat’s New on Fandor?

Fandor Festival Podcast Ep. 18: Documentarian, Cam Cowan

Hooman and Chris sit down with Producer, Director, and Cinematographer, Cam Cowan. Cam stopped practicing law to study filmmaking and began to make documentaries focused …

Film poster of The Tale of the Dog
ArticleFeaturesIndie DirectorsWhat’s New on Fandor?

Tale of the Dog

How important was The Family Dog in the general scheme of the 1960s rock revolution? Fairly important, it seems. There’s no footage of the legendary …

film poster of cheap thrills
ArticleFeaturesHorror Movie Content DirectoryWhat’s New on Fandor?

Cheap Thrills

While watching Cheap Thrills (2014), I started thinking about the evolution of the American dream. We used to dream about working hard and making money. Then we …

FocusWhat’s New on Fandor?

FANDOR FOCUS: The Land of Eccentrics

At one time documentaries were usually socio-political in nature, telling stories that had to be told. In more recent times, documentaries are more likely to …

FilmsWhat’s New on Fandor?

The Sin of Nora Moran (1933)

A weird and wonderful slab of homegrown surrealism, THE SIN OF NORA MORAN’s surprisingly complex narration and florid montage editing makes it well-deserving of the …

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