What’s New on Fandor?

People go to their favorite streaming services and scroll through the long rows of content to see what’s trending. After that, they switch over to another platform and do the same – which is probably quite frustrating for users trying to find a new movie.
In today’s increasingly fragmented streaming landscape, it’s quite daunting to keep up with the content that’s available to watch. But there’s no need to panic! By presenting its users with new title suggestions, Fandor helps you anticipate and navigate all the content you might be interested in watching.
Fandor.com features a massive library of inspirational content that gives you free access to watch and stream your favorite movies online.
On a mission to become an undisputed champion in the world of streaming services, Fandor.com serves as a one-stop-shop that suggests all the new and interesting content there is for you every day, based on your interests and requirements.
The platform features a great line-up of content, so you won’t miss any of your favorite movies. For all the latest and most interesting streaming suggestions, see what’s new on Fandor.com and get a detailed overview of what to watch on your favorite streaming platform—without paying a single dime!

NewsroomWhat’s New on Fandor?

Free Films of the Week: August ’22

As we head into the Dog Days of Summer, Fandor is heating up! From modern coming-of-age dramedies to psychological slashers that bask in the smell …

ArticleWhat’s New on Fandor?

Interview with Chris Chesson & Georgette Angelos, Executive Producers of “Boston George”

First off, I wanted to personally thank both of you for taking the time out of your day to chat with us about your newly …

What’s New on Fandor?

Boston George: Famous Without the Fortune | Coming to Fandor Next Week!

The first two episodes of Boston George: Famous Without the Fortune will premiere next Friday, July 22 on Fandor.com. Video by Luis Azevedo George Jung …

ArticleFeaturesWhat’s New on Fandor?

Boston George: Fame, No Fortune, Lots of Footage

by Don Stradley When George Jung saw Blow, the 2001 film biography of his life starring Johnny Depp, he claimed it made him cry. “It’s like …

FramesPodcastsWhat’s New on Fandor?

Ep. 77: Georgette Angelos & Chris Chesson, Exec Producer’s – “Boston George: Famous Without the Fortune”

Georgette Angelos: Born in South Florida, Georgette moved to Los Angeles to pursue her love of photography. Working as the house photographer for Silverback Music …

NewsroomVideo EssayWhat’s New on Fandor?

New Crime Releases | Now Available on Fandor

Fandor shines the spotlight on our new crime releases that are now showing on our independent platform. Video by Philip Brubaker. Featured Titles include: – …

ArticleFeaturesWhat’s New on Fandor?

Small Town Murder Songs: A Quiet Thriller You Probably Missed

By Don Stradley  There’s something about Walter the police chief that isn’t right. As played by Peter Stormare in Small Town Murder Songs, he’s a …

NewsroomVideo EssayWhat’s New on Fandor?

Findor: A Sharksploitation Extravaganza | Now Featured On Fandor

Jam packed with both cult classics and modern chompers, Findor turns up the Summer heat with a sharksploitation extravaganza! Watch now on our featured playlist. …

ArticleFeaturesWhat’s New on Fandor?

Sleeze Lake: Vanlife at its Lowest and Best

by Don Stradley Sleeze Lake is a nostalgic look back at the days when everybody owned a van. Well, not everybody. If we’re to believe this …

NewsroomWhat’s New on Fandor?

Free Film of the Week: July ’22

Kicking off this month’s Free Film of The Week comes a madness-infused sharksploitation extravaganza. Whether it be a Roger Corman classic or an Italian shark …

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