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True/False 2023 attendees playing the "Gimme Truth!" game show, photo courtesy of Steve Dollar
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TRUE/FALSE 2023: Critic’s Notebook

A Midwestern mecca for nonfiction fans and filmmakers, Columbia, MO’s essential True/False Film Fest has for 20 editions been more family affair than industry locus, …

INFINITY POOL (2023), directed by Brandon Cronenberg
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Sundance 2023: Critic’s Notebook

The 2023 Sundance Film Festival officially continues through Sunday, but for most intents and purposes it’s a wrap. Our critic writes about Infinity Pool, Rotting in the Sun, Eileen, The Starling Girl, My Animal, Talk to Me, Fremont, and Kim’s Video.

"Big Jack" from THE 'VOUS (DOC NYC 2022)
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DOC NYC 2022: Surrealist Pop, Folk Tragedy & BBQ

When talk turns to films, festivals and Noo Yawk, the obvious tentpoles are the New York Film Festival in the fall and Tribeca in late …

Daniel Adams, Director of "The Walk".
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Ep. 72: Daniel Adams, Director of “The Walk”

The team sits down with Daniel Adams, Director of “The Walk“. This film has its WORLD PREMIERE at the Opening Night (8pm PT) of the …

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Ep. 71: Leslee and Michael, co-founders of Dances with Films Festival

LESLEE SCALLON & MICHAEL TRENT are the Co-Founders of DANCES WITH FILMS, a tremendous indie film festival now in its 25th year! Fandor is a proud …

Herb Stratford from Mendocino Film Festival
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Fandor Festival Podcast Ep. 70 Herb Stratford, Program Director at Mendocino Film Festival

The team sits down with Program Director for the Mendocino Film Festival, Herb Stratford! Herb Stratford is the program director for the Mendocino Film Festival …

Director Mikey Corker poses on set
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Fandor Festival Podcast Ep. 64: Mikey Corker, Director, and “Taz” Knight, world class Surfer

Today we site down with Mikey Corker (Director of “Savage Waters”) and Taz Knight (professional surfer featured in the film). Savage Waters is a captivating …

Roger Ebert statue outside the Virginia Theather
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Ebertfest 2022: The Triumphant Return

The night is overcast and drizzly while a midwest chill permeates the air, promising a few more nights by the fire until spring finally arrives. …

The team sits down with Louis Godbout, Writer & Director
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Fandor Festival Podcast Ep. 55: Louis Godbout, Writer & Director

The team sits down with Louis Godbout, Writer & Director. Louis Godbout is a writer and director living in Montreal. He holds law and philosophy …

Eric J. Adams, Producer & Writer.
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Fandor Festival Podcast Ep. 54: Eric J. Adams, Producer & Writer

The team sits down with Eric J. Adams, Producer & Writer. A passionate filmmaker, Eric is best known for his provocative and poignant storytelling.¬†Most recently …

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