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A critical mass of movie lovers consult the internet and visit online review websites that give them detailed insights about the movies they want to watch. But how many of those movies that are so easily found in different “top 10 lists” can actually be called classics that stand the test of time?

First, let’s start by talking a bit about what can be considered a classic movie. In our opinion, those would be movies that have not only stood the test of time when it comes to how many times you are able to watch them (definitely more than once or twice in your lifetime), and not only do they also hit home with how related you can feel to them, but those are movies that have impacted our culture and will forever be a part of the best moments in cinema history.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, there are plenty of websites out there that cover reviews, interviews, podcasts, and much more about your favorite films. Some of the websites are getting more and more popular because of how they provide honest information about the film and entertainment industry. But can how easy is it for you to really find all of the essential classics that you will surely be talking about in film school?

We have one answer for all of your movie-obsessed fans, and that is Fandor.com. Fandor.com is, fortunately, one of those platforms that are centered around interviews and news, and a platform to watch independent films, documentaries, and classic movies.

Whether you want to get information about the upcoming movies or you’re just looking to watch an independent film, Fandor’s hub for cinephiles has got you covered with incredible collections that revolve around popular reviews, information, news, documentaries, classic movies, and interviews.

It’s all you need to catch up with all the reviews and information about the film industry, watch different documentary films, independent films, and so much more.

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WATCH – Hudson River Massacre

Victor, chief of the fur hunters rebels, kidnaps Ann from the ruthless landowner as a bartering tool.

A Christmas Wish (The Great Rupert) (In Color) poster
FilmsWatch Classic Movies Online

WATCH – A Christmas Wish (The Great Rupert) (In Color)

The Amendolas are down on their luck at Christmastime until prayers are answered and miracles happen when Rupert the Squirrel becomes their guardian angel in this heartwarming classic.

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WATCH – The American Hobo

Academy Award winner Ernest Borgnine hosts and narrates this remarkable examination of the uniquely American Hobo.

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1950s Film Noir Classics To Watch this Weekend

Often described as one of the great staples of cinematic excellence, “Film Noir” is the timeless style of filmmaking best characterized by thematic elements of contemptuous protagonists, stark …

ArchiveHorror Movie Content DirectoryMovie Content DirectoryVideo Essay

How ‘Halloween’ Became a Horror Classic

In 1978, John Carpenter released Halloween, introducing the world to the silent and horrifying serial killer, Michael Myers. Carpenter’s film was a game-changer and kicked …

Cannes Film FestivalMovie Content DirectoryWatch Classic Movies Online

A new era and golden classics

There is something tantalizing about falling in love with someone from another country, someone whose mind has yet to be saturated by our American bullshit. …

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Why This Film Should Be A Cult Classic

Although no surefire formula exists for a film to gain cult status, occasionally a keen filmmaker organically combines classic genre tropes with the provocative contemporary …

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Video: Five Sundance Classics

This Thursday, the Sundance Film Festival, one of the premiere showcases for indie, art and world film, kicks off in snowy Park City, Utah. This …

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Last Looks at The Making of a Classic: “Picture This”

The Last Picture Show (1971) put director Peter Bogdanovich on the map. His debut film Targets, starring Boris Karloff in his final role, showed Bogdanovich’s …

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A Lovecraft Classic, Told with Silent Words: THE CALL OF CTHULHU

‘The Call of Cthulhu’ H.P. Lovecraft’s clammy, paranoid tales of ancient horrors come to life generally defy straight adaptation. His ornate prose comes off as …

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