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Watch free streaming Kung Fu movies online at Fandor.com to get your martial arts entertainment fix! Watch martial arts films in English, or in their respective languages with your choice of subtitles.
We have classics such as Fist of Fury, Land of Hunted Men, and The Prodigal Boxer.
Browse action-packed martial arts films such as Shadow: Dead Riot, Shock Wave, Kung Fu Traveler 1&2, or Karate Girl to keep you on the edge of your seat.
Looking for Kung Fu movies with a bit more comedy? We have those too! Martial arts films like Zombie Ass: Toilet of the Dead or Isle of the Snake People are filled with hilarity.
Check out our selections below!

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WATCH – Curse of the Shaolin

Filmmaker Sven Kamm follows the ups and downs of the Shaolin Warriors of Chinatown and a humorous account of a cursed benefit.

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The Driller Killer

By Don Stradley   It’s New York in the late 1970s, a time of punk rock and garbage strikes, of Ed Koch and Son of …

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How Many Genres Are There In ‘Kill Bill’?

We at Fandor love categorizing films by genre. Often it’s an easy task — The Searchers is definitely a Western, Singin’ in the Rain is …

Film Poster Kung Fu Traveler 2
FilmsWatch Kung Fu Movies Online

Kung Fu Traveler 2 (2017)

Southern Style Kung Fu was unsuccessful in defeating the invading enemy aliens. General Chen (Tiger Chen) has no choice but to be go back in …

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Staff Picks: It’s a Family Affair

There’s no antidote for pre-holiday angst like watching movies about other families who are far more dysfunctional than your own! In anticipation of the many …

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Haunted Houses, Zombies, and Chainsaws — Fandor’s Favorite Scary Movies: Part I

All Hallows’ Eve has descended on the Fandor offices. The skeletons are out, the bowls of candy are half-emptied, and the orange flames of candles …

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“Detective Dee” is the Best Franchise You Haven’t Seen

Amid the influx of prequels, spin-offs, and reboots of 2018, one franchise risks being forgotten—not least because the series in question is a subtitled foreign-language film, …

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Weekend Movie Guide: August 3-5, 2018

What an interesting mix of movies to open over one weekend! And we kind of mean that in the same way that the Chinese proverb …

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The Spirituality of Keanu Reeves

Dear readers, please excuse this missive if it seems to ramble or become nonsensical in places. I am writing now by the light of a …

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Weekend Movie Guide: March 23-25

Robot fights! Monsters! Mental institutions! Mind-bending thrills! Jason Boyega! Dogs! Garden gnomes? Yes, March is going out like a lion at the box office this …

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