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That’s right, it’s Keyframe Daily now. Which, for me, very happily represents a reunion with old friends. Fandor co-founder Jonathan Marlow and I worked together closely for several years in the early and mid-Oughts at GreenCine and, to this day, we’ve made time to catch up with each other every winter and spring in Berlin and Austin. And even before GreenCine had a Daily, when I was conducting a series of interviews with film critics I read religiously, I made it a point to talk with Susan Gerhard. That was nearly ten years ago, when she was a senior editor at the San Francisco Bay Guardian, and now, of course, she’s Fandor’s Editor in Chief. The three of us have spent the past while busily preparing the launch of Keyframe Daily — and Day One has arrived. We are ready and set to go.

The Daily has evolved considerably since it launched as a pre-Facebook, pre-Twitter blog back in May 2003. I don’t doubt for a moment that it’ll carry on evolving, incrementally for the most part, but very occasionally, on days like this one, rather dramatically. That said, if you like what I’ve been doing at MUBI’s Notebook, I’ll be doing much the same right here; and if you’ve been following @thedailyMUBI, please know that I’ll now be obsessively tracking breaking news, stunning photos and great writing via @KeyframeDaily.

One more thing. The Daily has moved a couple of times in the past but never has the mediasphere been noisier, nor have attention spans been shorter. Which prompts me to make a request I haven’t made before: Help get word out, would you?

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Thanks. And now, for me, it’s back to work.

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