Weekend Movie Guide: May 18-20

This weekend, unlike next weekend, is only two days long, not three—but the first rule of weekends is to love the one you’ve got, not the one you want! Luckily, with these new releases hitting theaters starting today, there’s a lot to love, and a lot to make you laugh. Whether you’re still trying to get all the stamps on your Marvel movie card, invested in the hijinks caused by mild menopausal mayhem, or somehow haven’t gotten your fill of sardonic talking dogs, a brand new movie to satisfy your cravings awaits you. Here’s what’s brand new at the box office:

Deadpool 2

The superhero movies have started coming and they won’t stop coming! Deadpool 2 stands to hit the ground—and the box office—running. The countdown to this much-anticipated release has seen an ad campaign that spoofs everything from Bob Ross (RIP) to Dirty Dancing, apparently just for the sake of it, and while we wish there was more of that Weird Al-esque spirit in the movies themselves, we’ll let it slide. Reynold’s Deadpool is funny, sexy, meta, and weird, and Marvel will seemingly never run out of new, lesser-known mutant co-stars with which to dazzle us, so we’re sure this isn’t the last we’ll see of this wisecracking, fast-healing smart-aleck.

Book Club

Keaton. Fonda. Bergen. Steenburgen! We’d be in for watching them all just sit there and eat hamburgers like some Warhol-esque experiment, to be honest. Here’s a bold prediction: Book Club will be to Millennials what First Wives Club is to Gen-Xers. If you can suspend your disbelief at a bunch of Academy Award-winners getting their groove back by reading Fifty Shades of Grey (we had these ladies pegged as more of an Anaïs Nin crowd, but okay) Book Club promises to offer sex and sass for the AARP set in the grand tradition of Golden Girls, Grace and Frankie, Hot in Cleveland, and Cocoon. Okay, maybe not so much that last one.

Show Dogs

From the same lauded auteur that brought us such CGI-laden delights as Scooby Doo, The Smurfs, and Beverly Hills Chihuahua (we see a dog-focused theme emerging), Show Dogs is now in theaters…and maybe also the uncanny valley, a little bit. Releasing a talking dogs movie while Wes Anderson’s talking dogs movie is still in theaters is a bold move, a move that says, “Hey, we’ve got Will Arnett and Shaq, and this is Vegas, not Japan! Also our dogs are cops.” Let’s put it this way: If Bojack Horseman giving a rottweiler a bikini wax is your idea of a good time, then your weekend is looking up, indeed.

These may be the newest releases, but they’re not the only choices for this weekend’s movie watching! Catch up on everything that’s currently in theaters with our Weekend Movie Guide: May 11-13 and our Weekend Movie Guide: May 4-6.
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