Weekend Movie Guide: March 9-11, 2018

Can anyone believe that we’re already entering the second weekend in March? You know what that means: A whole new crop of brand-new releases are opening in theaters! We don’t love to play favorites, but some of our most highly-anticipated titles are making their box office debut over the next few days and we’re not ashamed to say we’ve planned our weekend around watching them. From a blockbuster-budget, low fantasy favorite to a biting dramedy with humor as black as we like our coffee, and everything in between, here’s what’s coming to a screen near you:

A Wrinkle in Time

Okay, this is it: If you see only one movie this March, make it this one. Ava DuVernay came to slay, the trailers look incredible, we’re here for the black girl magic, and we’ve been waiting for this movie adaptation moment since we first read the original Madeleine L’Engle book as pre-teens, salivating over every new trailer with increasingly impatient zeal. Plus: Mindy Kaling! Reese Witherspoon! Zach Galifianakis! OPRAH! Bring it on.

The Leisure Seeker

Mixing the best parts of a buddy road comedy with an “old people do the darndest things” twist and starring none other than Dame dang ol’ Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland to boot, The Leisure Seeker isn’t maybe a date night movie the way, say, Red Sparrow might be, but it would make for a heartwarming matinee afternoon, don’t you think? Make it multi-generational and watch this with Millennials, who will bum you the heck out with observations like, “Must be nice to retire and have health care.” And then you can tell them to stop eating so many avocados, and the world will keep on a-turnin’.


Dirty Deeds! Delicious nastiness! Poor little rich girls! And of course, a welcome appearance by the gorgeous and gone-far-too-soon Anton Yelchin! We’re so excited to meet these stylish and clever baddies that we made the definitive High School Mean Girls Alignment Chart in anticipation! By the way, we’re so ready for evil stepfathers to pick up where the evil stepmother trope leaves off. This dastardly little picture calls for an extra-large popcorn and a great friend to share it with, so start planning now!

The Forgiven

After seeing Forest Whitaker as Zuri in Black Panther, we’re stoked to see him onscreen again so soon, this time as Archbishop Desmond Tutu, alongside Eric Bana as a repentant white supremacist murderer. The legacy of South African apartheid is definitely still echoing through our present moment; in fact, it was recently announced that land stolen by white South African farmers would be seized from them and returned to its rightful owners — and while this based-on-true-events tale of catharsis and redemption may not have as many bells and whistles as some of this weekend’s other releases, it’s certainly one of the more “important” (a subjective term, obviously) movies releasing this month. Watch it with your woke-est bae, or with your dad (so you can get in a fight afterward).

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