Weekend Movie Guide: June 8-10

As weekends at the box office go, this is a pretty great one: From one of the year’s most-anticipated documentaries to an audacious franchise game-changer and a directorial debut starring none other than Jodie Foster, the struggle to choose between all of these new releases is real, and we feel very lucky to have these kinds of problems. Here’s what’s coming to a screen near you—we hope it helps you narrow things down and doesn’t just increase your FOMO:

Ocean’s 8

Sandra Bullock never stumbles, Cate Blanchett is at the top of her game, Anne Hathaway (who might just be the next Meg Ryan) is perfect for this part…need we go on? Let’s put it this way: You could be a hater, in which case, the tide is against you on this one, or you could just go let yourself have some fun—maybe the most fun at the movie theater you’ve had all year. Yeah, that’s a bold statement. But we all saw Rihanna at the real Met Gala a few weeks ago, and what she did to that red carpet this movie is going to do to the box office, the Ocean’s saga, and, quite possibly, your expectations: S-L-A-Y. Deal with it.


Full disclosure: We can barely make it through this trailer without losing it. Toni Collette has long been superlative at embodying the spectrum (and specter) of motherhood, but this domestic horror flick from the practically infallible A24 really kicks things up a notch. We’re calling Milly Shapiro, who plays Collette’s daughter, as the Creepiest Child of 2018, but lest we forget, she has the acting chops (and Tony award) to match her terrifying transformation. Before you buy your tickets, make sure all the bulbs in your night lights are functioning correctly…and check out our full review. You’ll thank us later.

Hotel Artemis

Set in Los Angeles, 2028, Hotel Artemis certainly has a bleak view of the future. The titular hospital, a private club for criminals seeking respite from the riots and carnage outside its walls, feels a bit like the Mos Eisley cantina if it were set inside Edgar Allen Poe’s The Masque of the Red Death. Will Hotel Artemis shoot the moon, or will it have a crash landing? Will it be a new cult classic, or will the all-star cast (including Jodie Foster, Jeff Goldblum, Jenny Slate, Zachary Quinto, Sofia Boutella) fail to buoy a trope-bloated action mishmash? Only one way to find out.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

They just don’t make ‘em like Fred Rogers, the creator of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, anymoreIn case you’re curious, we’ve already reviewed this extremely wholesome documentary, but at the end of the day what you need to know about Won’t You Be My Neighbor is simple: The hype is justified. And then some. Make your mascara waterproof and your tissues extra-soft, and maybe have a pair of sunglasses on hand for afterward. Or hey, why not flaunt your catharsis—isn’t that kind of what weekends are for?

If you are planning to spend some time at the movies this weekend and need to get caught up on all of this month’s new releases, don’t miss our Weekend Movie Guide: June 1-3.
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