Watching Movies Aloud: Noisemaker Tweets from TIFF

Knowing that Keyframe’s resident Noisemaker, filmmaker and critic Alejandro Adams, would be at the Toronto Film Festival, I wanted to enlist his services in covering films at the fest. He politely declined due to existing professional obligations… but as it happens, on his own accord he is more or less doing what I had wanted him to do, just in 140 characters or less. So as a supplement to our ongoing capsule dispatches, here are some choice excerpts from Adams’ #TIFF11 Twitter feed:

– This Is Not a Film depicts the quiet dread and deadpan humor of Jafar Panahi (and his photogenic iguana) under house arrest.

– Banned from filmmaking for 20 years, Panahi decides to read his rejected screenplay on camera. Luckily he stops after a few dizzying minutes

– Juliette Binoche (center) and director Szumowska (mic) answering questions about masturbation “stunts” after the Elles premiere:

– Perhaps the most uncomfortable moviegoing experience of my life–sitting a few seats from Binoche while watching her masturbate furiously.

– God Bless America has hyper-specific bones to pick with the eponymous culture. Such a vicious screed–the Midnight Madness crowd cheered.

– Andrea Arnold (left) answering nincompoops after Wuthering Heights (“Now WHY did you cast a BLACK man as HEATHcliff?”):

– Overbearing as it may be at times, Wuthering Heights stimulated a phantom sense of touch and smell to a medium-defying degree. #TIFF11

– Wuthering Heights, God Bless America and Elles were immaculately presented on Christie digital projectors. #diefilmdie #TIFF11

– I have no idea where @saraboxoffice is and likely won’t see her again today but here are our dueling #TIFF11 Cinecitta journals:

– Kore-Eda intro’d I Wish by saying “Watch the children’s performances and listen to their words. The story is about them.” REALLY, PROFESSOR?

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Noticed any particularly good Twitter feeds at #TIFF11? Let us know in the comments.

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