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Painter of Light: Mary Ellen Bute

This week the Library of Congressannounced 25 new titles to be added to the National Film Registry, which preserves the most culturally, historically or artistically significant works of American film. Titles like Airplane!, The Exorcist or Saturday Night Fever are familiar to most; but more intriguing are the titles that sound obscure but open a window to significant portions of our cinematic heritage. One such example is  Tarantella, a 1940 short by Mary Ellen Bute, who broke new ground as a woman filmmaker and was one of the leading pioneers of American experimental, animation and color film.

Tarantella is one of many National Film Registry selections available for viewing on Fandor. Here’s a current list:

The Birth of a Nation

The Blue Bird

A Corner in Wheat

The Hitch-hiker



Little Fugitive

Man With a Movie Camera

Meshes of the Afternoon


The Thief of Bagdad

A complete list of titles preserved by the National Film Registry can be found at the Library of Congress website.

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