Trailer Park Thursday: “Disobedience”

Apparently over the weekend some kind of sports event (insert shrug emoji) was an excuse to release many, many, many trailers and teasers, including spots for the much-anticipated blockbusters: Solo: A Star Wars Story, Avengers: Infinity War, Jurassic World, A Quiet Place, Red Sparrow, Skyscraper, and Mission: Impossible — Fallout, not to mention a whole grip of new TV series and seasons on top of that! While the trailer that we’re most amped about this week is for a movie that didn’t get that juicy “Big Game” coverage, it still has us practically salivating with excitement: Disobedience, which will be in theaters on April 27!

The only thing better than a movie starring Rachel Weisz is a movie starring Rachel McAdams, and one this isn’t gonna make us choose? Wow. The only thing that could possibly top that is if they were somehow in love, but that — oh wait, oh wait, oh WAIT!

Yes, we’re taking a short break from breathing frantically in and out of this paper bag to call it: Disobedience, like Call Me By Your Name, Blue is the Warmest Color and Carol before it, will soon be joining the canon of legendary contemporary gay cinema. While there have been plenty of movies made about forbidden homosexual romance, the setting and the players of this taught and complicated tale put a new twist on what could otherwise be a retread of a Brokeback Mountain-style love triangle. Who’s here for it? You know we are.

This is director Sebastián Lelio’s first English-language film; he is most recently known as the Chilean Academy Award nominee for Best Foreign Language Film for A Fantastic Woman, about a trans nightclub singer struggling to put her life back together after the loss of her lover and his family’s rejection of their relationship. Reviews from Disobedience’s premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival and beyond have praised Lelio for keeping the conflict character-driven, rather than framing it simply as a conflict between love versus orthodox religious law, which adds a layer of authenticity and nuance to the crackling magnetism between the Rachels. Seriously, unless you’re made of stone, this preview contains enough prolonged, meaningful eye contact to drive you just a little bit crazy. Even if it breaks our hearts at the end, as these kinds of movies often do, we’re committed to going along for the ride — we’ll just make sure we have plenty of tissues and unsalted popcorn, just in case.

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