The Roxy Cinema TriBeCa Presents: Ms .45

by Jake Rubenstein 

It should come as no surprise that one of our all-time favorite cinematic works amongst the folks here at Fandor is none other than Abel Ferrara’s magnificent Ms .45 (1981), and this weekend NYC cinephiles will have the chance to see the film in all of its gritty glory! Screening this upcoming Friday (1/28) and Saturday (1/29)The Roxy Cinema TriBeCa along with Screen Slate is proud to present a stunning 35mm print of Abel Ferrara’s masterwork that will surely bless the hearts of cinephiles and genre film fans alike.  

Featuring the legendary Zoë Lund in perhaps one of the most daring performances to grace the big screen, Ms .45 tells the disturbing story of a mute seamstress who is out for vengeance after being sexually assaulted by men in two separate occasions on the very same day. Although the narrative is extremely dark in concept and execution, Ferrara’s film has easily grown to be one of the most pivotal and beloved works of shock cinema, as it’s an early presentation with a tried-and-true feminist angle amongst the genre. Though the film isn’t necessarily a true nunsploitation flick, the iconic habit-wearing scenes featuring Lund’s character easily serve as a proper honorary edition to the subgenre. With all that Ms .45 has going for it, this weekend’s screenings at The Roxy Cinema TriBeCa are surely not to be missed as they honor this essential homegrown New York cult classic. 

 Once again gracing viewers with some true essentials, The Roxy hotel Cinema TriBeCa and Screen Slate’s BAD HABITS series also features some incredible Nuns-on-Film 35mm screenings including School of The Holy Beast (1974), La Religieuse (1966), Dark Habits (1983), Black Narcissus (1947), To the Devil a Daughter (1976), and Viridiana (1961).  

For more information on The Roxy Cinema TriBeCa and the BAD HABITS film series screenings please visit the link here 

The Roxy Cinema TriBeCa is located in the Roxy Hotel NYC. For more information on the location please visit this link. 

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