Taking Punches with Andrew Bujalski



In Andrew Bujalski‘s Results, it seems like everyone wants to get in to fighting shape; as though being physically fit is the solution to decluttering the mess of life. Kevin Corrigan—who along with director Bujalski are this episode’s guests—plays Danny, an out-of-shape recently divorced man who, after inheriting a great sum of money, moves from NYC to Austin, and decides to get into shape. Upon entering the local gym and being asked about his fitness goals, Danny informs the gym’s owner, Trevor (played by Guy Pearce) that he wants to be able to “take a punch.”

Life has plenty of punches for the characters that populate Results, Bujalski’s fifth feature, including Corrigan’s subsequent personal trainer and the object of his lust (as played by Cobie Smulders); a ne’er do well local attorney memorably played by Giovanni Ribisi and a brief appearance by Breakfast Club alum Michael Anthony Hall as Grigory, Danny’s spiritual guru.



And much like life itself, you can go ahead and try to guess where this quirky comedy is headed, but you’re likely to be pleasantly proven wrong.

Bujalski’s prior two films, Beeswax and Computer Chess, are both currently available for streaming on Fandor. Also you can listen to Bujalski’s prior episode on the podcast, Episode 150.

Filmwax Radio: Andrew Bujalski and Kevin Corrigan

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