SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Coordinated Premiere October 6-12, 2011

Far From Afghanistan:

The October Edition

Fandor is proud to present Far From Afghanistan: The October Edition, an omnibus film that aims to bring one of the longest wars in American history back into the popular consciousness. For one week only, Fandor will show a collection of works by several of the most innovative filmmakers working today. We’re proud to host the film in conjunction with a series of online and in-person events across the globe to mark the ten-year anniversary of the start of the War in Afghanistan on October 6th.

How to Watch
Check back here starting Thursday, October 6 for instructions on where to watch. Get a 7-day free pass now for free access to the film (and to Fandor’s entire film library). We’ll also send you a reminder when the event starts. Click the “Log in with Facebook” on the left to get your free pass.

Drawing A Line in the Sand of History
Far From Afghanistan unites five of America’s most acclaimed and socially conscious filmmakers working today: John Gianvito (Profit Motive and the Whispering Wind), Jon Jost (All the Vermeers in New York), Minda Martin (Free Land), Soon-Mi Yoo (Dangerous Supplement) and Travis Wilkerson (An Injury to One). The fast-approaching date of the war’s ten-year anniversary lit a fire under the FFA team. Faced with the reality that they could not miss this important marker, these filmmakers undertook a whirlwind production process, bypassing conventional steps to distribution. Far From Afghanistan: The October Edition provides the opportunity for viewers to watch a unique work in progress, which will only be available through October 12th.

“We are thrilled to partner with Fandor for this special, limited-time screening opportunity,” said Steve Holmgren, Producer of Far From Afghanistan. “In addition to being fans of the cinema Fandor streams, Jonathan Marlow and their entire team have been incredibly enthusiastic and supportive of the project. It is definitely the right choice for the film and we are confident together over the anniversary week of the Afghanistan War we will make an impact with these pieces and help spark a critical dialogue.”

Fandor joined them at this critical juncture to help expand interest in FFA: The October Edition. “From our initial awareness of this remarkable project, we knew that we wanted to be involved,” explained Jonathan Marlow, Fandor co-founder and Vice President of Film Acquisitions and Development. “In the course of our conversations with the producers of Far From Afghanistan, it was immediately clear that this could be an ideal and unconventional opportunity for the films to reach a broader audience. Fandor is proud to support these artists in their effort to create and share a work that truly seeks to make a difference in the world.”

Why It Matters
Despite (or because of) the dubious distinction of its longevity, the Afghanistan war has receded from the headlines as the mainstream U.S. media has drawn its attention more on jobs, the economy and other domestic issues. But after 10 years, $450 billion dollars, 15,000 U.S. casualties and tens of thousands more Afghan civilians dead, the war seems far from reaching a “mission accomplished” stage. Violent incidents are up dramatically from last year, and there is no clear exit strategy in sight.

After an intense five-month period of planning and production, Gianvito and company will unveil their work this week to bring attention to the anniversary of the war. A preview version of the project, Far from Afghanistan: October Edition will stream on Fandor and the project’s website starting Thursday. The film also has a Kickstarter page to help fund the project towards its final completion as it prepares to roll out to festivals and theaters.

Director John Gianvito discusses the Far From Afghanistan project:

Other Participating Venues
Online at the Far From Afghanistan official site
In person at Yamagata Intl. Doc. Film Festival

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