Our Top Ten Streaming Titles (and Words to Go With Them)

“Fallen Angels” is the champion among Fandor’s streaming titles for 2010

Fandor has been live for less than a year, but it’s already received a fair amount of attention as word of the service makes its way around the cinephile community and beyond. We were happy to close out our first year of existence with our own in-house top ten list of titles, in order of streaming traffic, as published in The Village Voice. It’s worth mentioning that nine of the ten titles have had an editorial piece written about them on Keyframe. We are as pleased with the quality of writers found on Fandor as much as that of the films. Here is the top ten list, along with related Keyframe articles:

1. Fallen Angels (1995)
“Delirious Detritus” by Phillip Maher

2. Winnebago Man (2010)
Article and interview with director Ben Steinbauer coming next week

3. Death in the Garden (1956)
“Surreal Adventure” by Kevin B. Lee

4. In Between Days (2006)
“Fragile Glimpses of First Love” by Steven C. Boone

5. The Little Girl Who Sold the Sun (1999)
“The Wit and Wisdom of an African Master” by Kevin B. Lee

6. Funny Games (1997)
“Battling the Holiday Blues? Have a Haneke!” by Michael Atkinson

7. The Mirror (1975)
“Out of Your Dreams, Into My Head” by Jennifer Baldwin
“Collective Memory, Shifting Moods” by Doug Cummings

8. Il Grido (1957)
“Foreign Landscape” by Vadim Rizov

9. Surviving Desire (1991)
“Classrooms, Quips, Cuts and Cues: 4 Must-see Moments” by Kevin B. Lee

10. The Last Laugh (1924)
“How The Last Laugh Opened the Door to a New Cinema” by Kevin B. Lee

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