Noisemaker Tweets (and Snoozes) A Day with Francis Ford Coppola

For those who still aren’t following our resident Noisemaker Alejandro Adams on Twitter, he provided an epic span of reporting yesterday during Francis Ford Coppola’s talk and screening of his new film Twixt. Reading Adams’ exultant play-by-play of Coppola’s dispensing of aphorisms, you’d think the Great and Powerful Oz had spoken. (Never mind the movie behind the curtain.) And wait til you read what Adams did during the screening…

Coppola left his black shoes on the plane so he’s wearing tan loafers with his gray suit. GAAAAH. #TIFF11 #shoes

Coppola: “Apocalypse Now was the first war movie with an LA sensibility. Usually movie soldiers were guys from Brooklyn.” #TIFF11

Only an organic director would say, “The actors don’t become the characters, the characters become the actors.” Relinquish preconceptions.
Coppola: “Re-writing is just writing’s middle name.” #TIFF11

FFC on his originally rejected Patton script: “Things you get fired for when you’re young you win lifetime achievement awards for later.”

Coppola: “What was on my mind when I was making The Conversation? I wanted to make something as beautiful as Antonioni’s Blow Up.” #TIFF11

Coppola’s list of talented young filmmakers: “Paul Thomas Anderson, David Russell, Woody Allen.” #TIFF11 #quips

Twixt is a horror-comedy fever dream without the fever–without any heat at all. It nobly embraces its utter silliness but doesn’t engage.

I dozed implacably–and stupidly–two rows in front of Francis and Val [Kilmer]. Finally Val cleared his throat aggressively to wake me. #Twixt

Coppola says he’s evolved into a “don’t-move-the-camera” style. “In Youth, Tetro, Twixt, and all of Ozu, the camera doesn’t move.” #TIFF11

Francis gritted his teeth as Val revealed that he took his inspiration for his performance from Throw Momma from the Train. #Twixt #TIFF11

Francis and Val chanted “Nosferatu, Nosferatu” themselves in order to avoid paying $40K for rights to “real Goth music.” #Twixt #TIFF11

Coppola: “My advice to a male filmmaker is to get married immediately and to a female filmmaker is never get married.”

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