New Films on Fandor – Match Them Line by Line

Isabelle Huppert in “Home,” which has a new home in the Fandor catalog.

Dozens of new titles have been added to the Fandor catalog in recent weeks, more than can even fit our Recently Added page.  We thought we’d have a little fun with some of them by seeing if you can identify them by their last lines (no worries about spoilers, as far as we can tell). Last lines and films are listed below – click on the titles for descriptions if you need clues. Feel free to post your answers in the comments. We’ll post the answers tomorrow in the comments and on our Facebook page.

Last Lines

1. “I’ve been there. I know what it’s like. All right, see you tomorrow. I’m headed to the subway.”

2. “His immortality is in his readers. Every time they read his work or perhaps contemplate seriously his painting. He lives there in it. So he’s all over it.”

3. “- This will be his 158th film.”
– “We are ready sir.”
– “Where is the light? Roll it! Action!”

4. “Postscript: The lieutenant and his men never reached Holland.”

5. “They’re bound by wires, like plants. I feel such compassion for them. The world has to save North Korea. We have to speak of it.”

6. “See you Kurt.”

7. “These are my final dreadful statistics. In comparison to the duration of the Allied Victory March down the Champs-Elysées, about three hours, I think, I calculated that given the same speed, step, and military formations, the march of those who died in this inexpiable madness would have lasted 11 days and 11 nights. Forgive me this crushing accuracy. Yours for life.”

8. “Don’t go downstairs! It’s a mess.”


A. Home
B. Kimjongilia
C. La France
D. Life and Nothing But
E. Nollywood Babylon
F. Old Joy
G. Take Out
H. Words of Advice: William S. Burroughs on the Road

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