In Honor of the 2018 Boston Marathon

In case you missed it, the Boston Marathon was held today—congratulations to Desiree Linden for crushing it! But to be honest, we’re not the most sports-savvy bunch here at Fandor. I mean, did anyone in the office even sign up for the March Madness bracket? Anyone? Sure, we’ve seen hundreds of sports movies, but as far as picking up a sports ball or lacing up a pair of running shoes, we’ll leave that to the experts. If you’re the same way, join us as we celebrate a great sporting achievement like Linden winning the 2018 Boston Marathon is the only way we know how: Watching movies.

7 Movie Sports We Wish Were Real

Join us as we count down our favorite sporting events that only exist on the silver screen. We bet you can guess what our all-time favorite is!

And Bob’s Your Streaker

Listen, streaking is just running with extra requirements! Watch this classic Fandor video about Robert Opal, the man who crashed the 1974 Oscars when he streaked across the stage.

The Un-Olympics Spotlight

Now, this is more like it! Earlier, we pined for real-life equivalents to all the fictional sports from movies that we wished were real. But we can also celebrate stranger-than-fiction sports and athletes with this collection of documentaries that investigate some of the craziest, most bizarre sports that actually do exist! Like, did you know that professional Warcraft III is kind of a big deal? Or that bare-handed catfishing is a highly cherished sport in Oklahoma? Check out our Spotlight to see the full list of documentaries streaming on Fandor.

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