Five Film Podcasts to Keep on your Radar

by Jake Rubenstein 


If you’re a passionate cinephile looking to take a deeper dive into podcasts that discuss the genres and films that you’ve grown to love, look no further, as you’ve come to the right place! With the popularity of podcasts increasingly on the rise, film lovers around the globe have taken this opportunity to share their love for cinema. While some podcasts spend the time focusing on specific film genres, or subgenres, other podcasts take to the airwaves to shed their passion of cinema as a whole. With so many film podcasts to choose from, here’s our featured list of five podcasts that serve as essential listening: 


Pure Cinema Podcast. Kicking off the list, New Beverly’s Pure Cinema Podcast is the premier destination for any individual that appreciates the world of cinema as a whole. Hosted by Elric Kane and Brian Saur, this podcast discusses all things film, both new and old. Throughout the duration of each episode, Brian and Elric discuss a wide variety of topics amongst film, whether it be genre related, a general theme, or a retrospective into some of the world’s most fascinating filmmakers. Originally hitting the airwaves in February of 2017, Pure Cinema has since shared their passion with a variety of guests including film critics, industry professionals, and some of the world’s most beloved filmmakers such as Quentin Tarantino, Edgar Wright, and Rian Johnson. Outside of the variously themed segments of the podcast, each month Brian and Elric are also joined by the New Beverly Cinema’s programmer, Phil Blankenship, to break down the theatre’s upcoming programming. Between the charismatic conversations that Brian and Elric hold on each episode, along with the endlessly rotating roundtable of fascinating topics and guests that they host, New Beverly’s Pure Cinema Podcast is truly essential listening for those who love and appreciate cinema from all walks of life. 


The Hysteria Continues. Next up on this shortlist of film podcasts to keep on your radar, comes the slasher-filled extravaganza, The Hysteria Continues. Co-hosted by Justin Kerswell (of the U.K.), Erik Threlfall (of Ireland), Joseph Henson (of the U.S.), and Nathan Johnson (Also of the U.S.); each episode sheds the spotlight on a wide variety of slasher films. Whether the highlighted slasher film be new or old, of quality (or the lack thereof), and domestic or international, listeners around the globe can always count on The Hysteria Continues as being an essential source for slashtastic appreciation. Throughout the duration of each episode, listeners are treated to deep dive discussions into the various highlighted films, that also feature conversations looking into the background behind the making of these films, which in some cases I find to be truly fascinating. Aside from the enticing discussions of slasher films that are featured on each episode of The Hysteria Continues, the show is filled with glorious humor, amazing inside jokes (I.E. Toyah vs Siouxsie), and a personality like no other thanks to the show’s amazing co-hosts. If you love what you hear on the main show, The Hysteria Continues also features bonus episodes on their Patreon, as well as contributing commentary tracks on releases from leading physical media labels such as Arrow Video, 88 Films, Indicator, and Vinegar Syndrome. 


I Eat Movies Podcast. Following suit on our list of film podcasts to keep on your radar, comes the I Eat Movies Podcast. Co-hosted by Dino Proserpio and Mike Kenny, each episode covers various films that are forgotten, underappreciated, and overlooked entries from video stores and the silver screen. Featuring discussions on films such as Kenny & Company (1976), The Laughing Policeman (1973), Mike’s Murder (1984), Short Eyes (1977), Mr. Majestyk (1974), and Jack the Bear (1993), the podcast has grown to be a quintessential source for likeminded cinephiles that share a passion towards obscure, underseen, and underappreciated cinema. On each episode, the I Eat Movies crew does phenomenal work by deconstructing these films (usually placed as a double feature within a common theme), while also enlightening listeners as to why these films deserve more garnished attention than what they receive. Aside from their usual deep dive discussions into mostly forgotten cinema, Mike and Dino mix things up by also using their airtime to occasionally plug each other with first time viewings, as well as including dedicated episodes to cover some of their recently seen films. With over twenty episodes featured and still going strong, the I Eat Movies Podcast is a fantastic up-and-coming cinema-based podcast that is truly worth keeping on your radar, especially for those who also have an appetite to consume some lesser seen cinematic gems. 


Post Mortem with Mick Garris. Coming up next on our shortlist of film podcasts is none other than Post Mortem. Hosted by horror icon Mick Garris, Post Mortem could easily be considered one of the best horror-oriented podcasts to bless the airwaves. First starting up as a talk-show series on Fearnet in 2009, Mick’s podcast is truly encompassed with fascinating discussions from other horror industry icons that we’ve all grown to know and love. Whether Mick’s discussions be with John Carpenter, Kevin Williamson, Jason Blum, Tom Savini, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Smith, Rob Zombie, or up-and-comers such as Sean Baker and Mimi Cave, listeners can always be rest assured that they’re being treated to some of the most engaging discussions within the context of horror cinema.  


Between Mick’s own reputation for being one of the forefathers of what we consider to be modern day horror, as well as the opportunity to gain valuable insight from the perspectives of his peers; Post Mortem has grown to be quite the landmark for those who have a deep appreciation for the horror genre, and the bodies of work that embody it. In many cases, talk-show oriented podcasts tend to only discuss surface level topics with their featured guests; however, in the case of Mick’s podcast, listeners are treated to much deeper conversations into this fascinating genre that we’ve all grown to know and love. Mick also does a wonderful job engaging with his listeners on a bi-weekly basis, through hosting his routine “Ask Mick Anything” episodes where listeners can field their questions to be asked by series producer Joe Russo, and answered by Mick himself. With all that Post Mortem with Mick Garris has going for it, the series is easily one to keep on your radar, especially if you’re a fan of horror cinema. 


Chasing Labels. Featured as the final pick (in no particular order) on our shortlist of essential films podcasts, comes Chasing Labels. Co-hosted by Steven Billings and Andrew Cabral, this series serves as perfect listening for any collector of physical media. With a mission to keep listeners informed and excited about physical releases from your favorite boutique labels, both past and present; Chasing Labels is truly a premiere source for those who share a likeminded passion in collecting various forms of physical media. Featuring forty-five episodes and still trucking on, the podcast has grown to become a focal point for discussions on releases from fan favorite boutique labels such as Arrow Video, Fun City Editions, Vinegar Syndrome, The Criterion Collection, Imprint Films, Indicator, Severin Films, Kino Lorber, Shout! Factory, Blue Underground, 88 Films, and many more. Chasing Labels even takes the listening experience a step further, by including various discussions with special guests that represent the physical media industry’s leading boutique labels. Aside from listeners gaining key insight into the inner workings of their favorite labels through these engaging conversations, Steven and Andrew also keep listeners informed with their own discussions that cover all things physical media. Whether you’re a seasoned collector, or someone who’s looking to learn more about the fascinating world of curated home media releases, Chasing Labels is bound to be an essential source for all things physical media related. 


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