Ep 73: Ásgeir Sigurðsson & Anton Karl Kristensen, Co-Directors of “Come to Harm”

The team sits down with Ásgeir and Anton, the co-directors of “Come to Harm,” available exclusively to Fandor this month. Ásgeir Sigurðsson and Anton Karl Kristensen, the co-directors behind “Come to Harm” started their filmmaking journey early in their lives. Born in 2000 (Ásgeir) and 1998 (Anton), they met when they were little through their parent’s friendship. One evening when they were bored at a dinner party, they looked to the laptop to kill their time with iMovie and after some experimentation they quickly found that filmmaking was what they were meant to do. After High School they went different paths. Anton moved to the U.S to study filmmaking at The New York Film Academy whilst Ásgeir went on to make a web series for the National Television in Iceland. While Anton was abroad, Ásgeir wrote “Come to Harm” and when Anton came back to Iceland the first thing on their minds was finding a way to produce it. Ásgeir looked to his old schoolmates who were more than happy to help work on the film. Even though the budget was low, the cast and crew’s passion for the project was immense and is the reason the outcome of the film is beyond what they thought could be.

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