Fandor Festival Podcast Ep. 44: Iryna Pravylo, Ukrainian Filmmaker

The team sits down with very special guests, Iryna and Lesya. This interview was recorded on 3/7/22. Iryna Pravylo, filmmaker, is in the middle of a war zone in Ukraine. Please excuse any technical difficulties.

Iryna Pravylo
Film director, screenwriter, producer, member of the NGO “Congress of Cultural Activists”, and associate professor of the Institute of Screen Arts of Kyiv National I. K. Karpenko

Kary Theatre, Cinema and Television University, member of the National Union of Cinematographers of Ukraine Co-founder and CEO of the Right Time Studios. Based in Kyiv, Ukraine

Focus: creative and financial control over production, business vision, team building.


Lesya Pishchevskaya 
Born and raised in Ukraine, Lesya came to the US in 2005 as an international student. She graduated from the top US universities (UC Berkeley and Columbia University), and today she’s a senior marketer at RingCentral. Lesya has worked in marketing and advertising roles in both small 10 people startups and in large corporations, including Google and Meta.

In 2014, Lesya co-founded Nova Ukraine that has grown into one of the largest nonprofits in the US focused on Ukraine. She’s also a volunteer for ALPS (Action Leadership Program for Students) where she mentors high school kids helping them become strong leaders.

During her free time, Lesya loves to travel some of her favorite places in the world include Kyiv, New York, Costa Rica, Sydney, and Hawaii. Lesya is a little bit of a fashionista, an improvised entertainer (for her friends and family, and sometimes for others via her creative projects), and a cool aunt.

We’re honored to welcome both Iryna and Lesya to the podcast, and thank them for sharing part of their story.

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