Fandor Festival Podcast Ep. 40: Renny & Boston McConnaughey, Filmmakers

The team sits down with Renny & Boston McConnaughey, Filmmakers, Director, and Star of “Alien Country.” We’ll be checking back in with the duo as they progress through their journey of making their dream a reality, which includes a companion video game!

Renny and Boston are a filmmaking duo based in Utah. They got their start writing and directing viral sci-fi action and comedy videos on YouTube. Their YouTube success spring-boarded a career making commercial content for large brands like Nokia, Google, Reebok and Coca-cola. And soon after building a Youtube brand and production company they tied the knot.

As a married couple they wanted to pursue feature film and television projects and have spent the last two years producing the action packed sci-fi comedy “Alien Country.” It’s not your typical love story, since it also has man-eating monsters in it, but it’s still fun for the whole family. As they finish the final stages of post production they are creating in-depth social media content that shares the entire indie filmmaking process, not only breaking down the techniques they employed to make this movie, but also the honest story of working day in and day out with your significant other.

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