Fandor Festival Podcast Ep. 36: Frazier Prince, Producer & Director

The team sits down with Frazier Prince, Director and Producer of Crackdown Big City Blues and Crackdown Retrospective: Behind the Scenes of Crackdown Big City Blues.

Both films are set to come to Fandor as exclusives for streaming in early April.

Frazier Prince is the CEO/Founder of Prince Henry Entertainment, assembling a multi-talented creative team specializing in feature film, music video, and digital production. He is a Director, Producer, Writer and Media Specialist. His current production, the feature film The Play Book Redemption is now in Pre-Production. As a filmmaker, Frazier made his feature film producing debut with his first 35 mm feature film, “Crackdown Big City Blues, for Juniper Pictures, Inc. The film was later re-distributed by The Film Detective and PHE in 2018 on various platforms.

Frazier Prince is a retired 20-year Veteran Police Detective with the NYPD, turned filmmaker. He served as the key Liaison and Technical Advisor to Fox’s “Americas Most Wanted” for more than ten years and then went on to produce, write, and direct the “Crime Stoppers Goes to the Movies” ad campaign for the NYPD/NYC Police Foundation.

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