Fandor Festival Podcast Ep. 30 Director of Fortress, James Cullen Bressack

Hooman and Bryn sit down with the Director of Fortress, James Cullen Bressack.

James Cullen Bressack is an American producer, director, and screenwriter, and son of three-time Emmy-award winning writer Gordon Bressack and voice actress Ellen Gerstell. At the age of 18, Bressack received critical attention from audiences and critics alike when he made his debut feature, My Pure Joy. One to push boundaries, he followed up his first film with the bold and unapologetic Hate Crime, which forced audiences along for a brutal home invasion, the first found-footage feature ever to be made in the style of having no cuts (the entire film plays out painfully in real time). It was promptly banned in the UK for its fearless storytelling – one of three films to be banned in the last 25 years. It remains so to this day.

In this episode, Hooman asks how the actors of Fortress came to star in his latest film, from Pulps Fiction’s Bruce Willis to Beverly Hills 90210 Shannen Doherty.

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