Fandor Festival Podcast Ep. 26: Director of Turducken, Grant Newcomb Henderson

Grant Newcomb Henderson is a writer/ director who has worked on a variety of commercial and narrative projects. He grew up in Northern California wine country and became interested in film at an early age.

In this episode, we learn about Turducken a short comedy horror about a passionless family man that eats turducken, a three bird roast, for the first time, then becomes dangerously obsessed with putting objects into progressively larger objects.

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Grant recently wrote a suspenseful horror spec feature, Her Family, about a young installation artist, Zoe, who travels to a lakeside cabin to build a piece for out of town vacationers. While there, she meets the neighbors, who are part of a commune led by a charismatic carpenter, Dave. She begins dating him and is seduced by his cult, which comes after her when she tries to escape.

Grant also recently wrote a pilot and limited series bible, Queen of the River on a journalist, Frances Wheeler, who goes to Las Vegas to write a Time magazine feature story on the youngest ever World Series of Poker winner, Timothy Shelton AKA “The Poker Kid”. Inspired by her interviews with Timothy and at a crossroads in her life, Frances enters the upcoming World Series of Poker herself, where she goes head to head with Timothy and ultimately dethrones the reigning champion.

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