Faces and Places in San Francisco

For any of you art lovers out there in the city, there’s something special going on. French visual artist and filmmaker JR (Jean René) is gathering up images for a mural here in San Francisco. He also has a film nominated for an Oscar, Faces Places, which he made with French visionary Agnes Varda, one of the most influential and artistic filmmakers alive, who has won numerous awards (including an Academy Honorary Award, which she accepted like a boss) and who has been making movies since before the French New Wave.

JR is famous for his graffiti-like street art and the idea behind his latest project is to take photos of the faces of people who make up the city and gather it in a large-format mural somewhere in San Francisco. In fact, if you live in the city, you can be part of the project by going to one of the many locations they will be at over the next few weeks.

This is a great opportunity to be a part of not only a great art project about the people of San Francisco (of which we here at Fandor enthusiastically count ourselves amongst!) but it also represents a rare opportunity to rub elbows with the possible next winner of the Oscar for best documentary.

It will be a unique project that will capture a very unique time in the city as it continues to transition into an uncertain future for many of its inhabitants—JR himself mentioned how he had never seen so many homeless people in any city. Looks like they’ll be on the streets through the 11th of February. If you love art, film, and San Francisco this is for you.

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