DAILY | Viennale @ 50 + Chris Marker’s Trailer

The Viennale turns 50 this year and, to celebrate, the festival’s launched a site dedicated to its history and asked Chris Marker, who died at the end of July, to make the trailer for this year’s edition, running from October 25 through November 7:

From the site: “The Viennale has chosen Marker’s work as its ‘anniversary trailer’ because in it, Marker—like no other director before him—deals with the history of cinema in a playful and surprising manner. More precisely, he deals with the question of ‘the perfect viewer’ that cinema has been looking for since the father of film, D.W. Griffith. Chris Marker ultimately finds this ideal viewer at the end of his small essay in an unexpected figure. See for yourself.”

The 50th edition will also feature a retrospective of films by, about and with Fritz Lang. There’ll also be tributes to Michael Caine and the Portuguese director Manuel Mozos. And, as a special program, “critic and aficionado” Jörg Buttgereit has put together a lineup inspired by the tagline for Wes Craven’s The Hills Have Eyes (1977): “They wanted to see something different, but something different saw them first!”

A preview of the lineup for Viennale 50:


Apichatpong Weerasethakul‘s Mekong Hotel.
Terence Davies‘s The Deep Blue Sea.
David Fenster’s Pincus.
William Friedkin‘s Killer Joe.
Miguel Gomes’s Tabu.
Hal Hartley‘s Meanwhile.
Kenneth Lonergan’s Margaret.
Takashi Miike’s For Love’s Sake (Ai To Makoto).
Alain Resnais’s You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet! (Vous n’avez encore rien vu).
Raúl Ruiz‘s Night Across the Street (La noche de enfrente).
Ulrich Seidl‘s Paradise: Love.
Todd Solondz‘s Dark Horse.
Thomas Vinterberg’s The Hunt.
Ying Liang‘s When Night Falls (Wo Hai You Hua Yao Shuo).


Antoine Bourges’s East Hastings Pharmacy.
Andrés Duque’s Ensayo Final Para Utopía.
Miriam Fassbender’s Fremd.
Werner Herzog’s Death Row.
Romuald Karmakar’s Angriff auf die Demokratie – Eine Intervention.
Martina Kudlácek’s Fragments of Kubelka.
Amir Bar Lev’s Re:Generation Music Project.
Marcelo Machado’s Tropicália.
Ashley Sabin and David Redmon’s Girl Model.

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