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Ted Hope

Ted Hope at Karlovy Vary in 2008

He’s produced nearly seventy films, twenty-three of which went to Sundance—and three of those won the Grand Jury Prize. In the nineties, Good Machine, the company he co-founded with James Schamus, was instrumental in routing the course of American independent film during its boom years, and he’s had a hand—more than a hand, really; both hands, up to the elbows—in realizing debut features by likes Ang Lee, Hal Hartley, Nicole Holofcener, Todd Field, Michel Gondry and many others. Last year, as Executive Director of the San Francisco Film Society, he launched the innovative Artist to Entrepreneur (A2E) program as part of the city’s renowned film festival, and while he’s since checked out of that office, he still serves on the SFFS Advisory Board. And just the other day, he let it be known that one of his “modest” New Year’s resolutions is “to ignite the entire systems reboot of the film infrastructure for artist/audience focus.”

To that end, starting on January 30, Ted Hope will begin work as the new Chief Executive Officer here at Fandor. Yesterday, I was chatting with founder and current CEO Dan Aronson, who’ll be our new CTO, and we agreed that we couldn’t be more excited. Big things are going to happen. Not right away, of course. But 2014 is going to be an amazing year.

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