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Ben Russell's 'He Who Eats Children'

Ben Russell’s ‘He Who Eats Children’

As Dave McNary reports for Variety, we’re making our first moves into original content. As an extension of our Filmmakers Initiative (FIX), the new FIXshorts program, launching today, is an innovative hybrid combining Fandor and community support for unique filmmaking voices—helping them not only to create new work to also to get that work seen. We’re putting up half the budget for five new works and providing reward benefits on each of their campaigns at Kickstarter, where you can chip in to help see these projects through. McNary: “When completed, Fandor will premiere the FIXshorts exclusively in tandem with their respective festival premieres and the rights to each film will remain with the individual filmmakers.”

Quite the lineup, too:

  • Maya Erdelyi‘s Anyuka. An animated documentary on the life of the filmmaker’s grandmother and her journey to America.
  • Lori Felker‘s Discontinuity. A couple have been separated from each other for many months and they do not know what they’ve been missing.
  • Maximon Monihan‘s Sea to Shining Sea. Two friends drive across the country from California to New York, finally experiencing the glory of the USA.
  • Ben Russell‘s He Who Eats Children. A speculative portrait of a Dutch hermit living in the Surinamese jungle.
  • David Schendel‘s Dead Ink Archive. Set in 1975, a janitor has a secret that he cannot share until he collects all of the discarded scraps of paper from a theater floor.

And that’s just the first round. You’ll be hearing about the second round of FIXshorts towards the end of 2015.

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