DAILY | Fernando Lopes, 1935 – 2012

Fernando Lopes

News is spreading across the Portuguese- and Spanish-language wires that the prolific director, writer, producer and actor Fernando Lopes died in Lisbon yesterday at the age of 76. The films mentioned most often in the initial reports include the docudrama Belarmino (1964) and Uma Abelha na Chuva (A Bee in the Rain, 1972). His last film, Em Câmara Lenta (In Slow Motion), just saw its premiere in March.

In 1994, the International Film Festival Rotterdam screened his 1993 film The Edge of the Horizon, noting that Lopes “grew up as a film-lover and regards himself as cinefiglio, ‘film son,’ of films from the 50s, especially of Orson Welles’s Mr Arkadin. He is considered, alongside Rocha and Campos, to be one of the innovators of Portuguese cinema in the 60s and 70s.” More from Allmovie.

PÚBLICO has collected remembrances from directors Miguel Gomes (“meu vizinho, meu amigo”), Alberto Seixas Santos, Jorge Silva Melo and Bruno de Almeida, actors Alexandra Lencastre, Rui Morrisson and Rogério Samora and others—in Portuguese, naturally, but you can run them through the translator.

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