20:11 for 2011: Views from the Avant-Garde

I picked up on a clever series premise from Nathaniel Rogers over at his perpetually fun site The Film Experience. Throughout 2010 he posted screen shots from films at their 20th minute and 10th second. I thought I’d extract images of the 20th minute and 11th second from films recently added to the Fandor catalog just to see the results. Perhaps not surprisingly, the most evocative images tended to come from some of our avant-garde offerings:

Cosmic Alchemy

Cosmic Alchemy (2010, dir. Lawrence Jordan)

Mock Up on Mu (2008, dir. Craig Baldwin)

Quick Billy (1967-1970, Bruce Baillie)

You can view more arresting images from Quick Billy. Next week we’ll be spotlighting the work of Craig Baldwin, a major figure in recent avant-garde feature filmmaking.  In the meantime, browse our avant-garde offerings for more visions from the furthest reaches of cinema.

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