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Seven Continents, Seven Amazing Female Filmmakers

Movements like Times Up, Me Too, and Inclusion Rider are helping the world finally take notice of the glaring absence of women filmmakers from our …

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The Renegade Style of Argentinean Filmmaker Eduardo Williams

Is this crap or brilliant? This is the question I ask myself after watching The Human Surge, Eduardo “Teddy” Williams’ indescriptible first feature film. Structured …

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Barry Jenkins’s MOONLIGHT

“Moonlight, the remarkable new film by Barry Jenkins, who directed the gentle romantic drama Medicine for Melancholy (2008), revels in the elevation of everyday experience, …

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A Noir Journey Into No-Woman’s Land with Ida Lupino

Edmund O’Brien, Frank Lovejoy drive an unwanted passenger in ‘The Hitch-hiker’ (dir. Ida Lupino) We republish this 2011 story as part of our monthlong celebration …

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Claire Denis on 35 SHOTS OF RUM

Editor’s note: Fandor is featuring women filmmakers in the month of March and this article joins thirty-one days of Keyframe features on women in film. …

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‘Night of the Living Dead’ At Halloweentime, fans of shocks and tingles have thousands of movies to choose from, in a wide range of subgenres, …

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Daily | Frieze, Garrel, Oppenheimer

The October 2014 issue In a tweet earlier today, Frieze reminded us that, apart from the current one, all the issues of its magazine, going …

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Daily | Kubrick, Schrader, Duplasses

That’s one dark cover Hey, it’s Stanley Kubrick‘s birthday. As it happens, the BFI has just posted an edited extract from the introduction to Stanley …

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Daily | Buster, Clarke, Ferrara

Buster Keaton puts a record on For Cabinet, Charlie Fox writes about “the strange fate of silent film stars in our imagination: silence is a …

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Kickstarting Abel Ferrara’s SIBERIA

Abel Ferrara Abel Ferrara’s longstanding status as an outsider in the American independent film scene finds a way of being reaffirmed just about every time …

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