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Fandor Festival Podcast Ep. 4: Ruth Meehan

Director of ‘The Bright Side’ Hooman and Chris interview independent filmmaker Ruth Meehan about her movie ‘THE BRIGHT SIDE,’ coming to the Sonoma International Film …

Indie Directors

Talking about the time it took

There is something tantalizing about falling in love with someone from another country, someone whose mind has yet to be saturated by our American bullshit. …

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Sitting Down with the Directors of “Science Fair”

2018 has been a fantastic year for documentaries. From Bing Liu’s personal and beautiful Minding the Gap to RaMell Ross’s startlingly poetic Hale County This Morning, …

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How Barry Jenkins Brings Cities to Life

Barry Jenkins’ style is distinctive. As we’ve noted before, the Academy Award-winning director is a master of subjective filmmaking — in other words, he has …

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5 Female Middle Eastern Directors Who Are Making a Difference

Today is Women’s Equality Day, and though there have been…let’s say, setbacks this year, it’s also important to remind ourselves just how far we’ve all …

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6 Directors Who Should Join the MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is known for plucking up-and-coming indie directors and placing them in the biggest, most lucrative sandbox in the film industry. …

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Ari Aster Enters the Scene

Hollywood is quick to claim discoveries. It’s exciting when a new voice in contemporary cinema, someone who brings something new to the table, debuts their …

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How Xavier Dolan Builds Worlds with Music

Xavier Dolan is one of cinema’s most electrifying young auteurs and his six feature movies are defined by their captivating use of soundtrack. He believes …

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SXSW Retro Spotlight: Amy Seimetz’s “Sun Don’t Shine”

What’s the formula for a festival-friendly indie flick? For most directors, the answer is simple: production maximization. Six years ago at SXSW, Amy Seimetz released …

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Indies Go Hollywood

When a director manages to make a great movie with a small budget, one of the first questions a fan asks themselves is, “What could …

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