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WATCH – Logan’s Syndrome

How would you cope with two rare genetic diseases, one of which makes you look very different and the other one likely to kill you? What would you focus on to bring you happiness and help you feel like you belong in society?
LOGAN’S SYNDROME is a personal documentary about one such man. Born to healthy parents, Logan Madsen and sister Heather share a life-threatening lung disease and Miller syndrome, which affects fewer than thirty people in the world. Despite having malformed arms and hands, Logan is a brilliant visual artist. Using paint, he creates hyper-realistic pictures that boldly express his many challenges—including autism—both to inspire others and to show how, inside, we are all more alike than different.
When a local gallery commits to exhibiting the audacious paintings, Logan is challenged to finish each piece before the show’s opening. As he paints, the story of his unique life unfolds—from the breakup of his “perfect” Mormon family, to his eternal search for romantic love and his struggle to come to terms with his conditions. With the unwavering devotion of his mother Debbie and support from Heather, Logan is able to rise above his disabilities in pursuit of becoming a great artist.

DIRECTOR : Nathan Meier
CAST : Madsen Logan, Madsen Terry, Madsen Heather, Jorde Debbie


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