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WATCH – Killing Beef

After recovering from a near fatal shooting, former drug dealer and award-winning journalist Samson Styles searches to find meaning in his life and reconciliation with his shooter, in this journey that takes the form of a life-lesson told to a young boy.
This powerful conversation offers the young boy an honest accounting of Samson’s personal story of crime and violence, and helps the boy (and viewers) truly understand the cause, effects and solutions to ending gun violence and — Killing Beef

DIRECTOR : Samson Styles
CAST : Simone Rembert, Oresa Williams, Daniel Soyer, Keyisha Ivy, Robin Kearse, Jason Davis, Brigette Hogard, Kenneth R. Hamilton, Althea O'Hara Thurston, Richard Thomas, Maxine E. Lewis, Christopher Underwood, Francis Stone, Kareem, Corey Pegues, Denzel, Shamil Derricotte, Ras Baraka, Samson Styles, Cleveland Bannister, Stephen Thomas, Robert Gore, Patricia Lett, Jackie Rowe Adams


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