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WATCH – The Playgirls and the Vampire

A troupe of European exotic dancers and their piano player led by a bumbling manager stumble upon a castle after encountering a storm. The castle, inhabited by Count Gabor, his assistant and a vampire, is little refuge for the traveling showgirls as they slowly fall under the spell of the undead demon. Vera, one of the reluctant dancers and the living doppelganger of the vampire’s dead wife, who has been dead nearly 200 years, becomes the object of affection for both Count Gabor and the vampire.


DIRECTOR : Piero Regnoli
CAST : Walter Brandi, Lyla Rocco, Maria Giovannini, Alfredo Rizzo, Marisa Quattrini, Leonardo Botta, Corinne Fontaine, Tilde Damiani, Antoine Nicos, Enrico Salvatore


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