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WATCH – Shot

This gripping drama follows three lives irrevocably changed when a gun is accidentally fired on a busy LA street. Mark (Noah Wyle, ER) and Phoebe (Sharon Leal, Supergirl) are in the midst of a breakup. Miguel (Jorge Lendeborg, Jr., Spider-Man: Homecoming), a bullied teenager, is given an illegal gun by his cousin for protection. As Miguel handles it, the gun accidently fires. Mark is hit by the bullet. Now on a visceral roller-coaster ride, we experience in real time everything that happens when you get shot. Simultaneously, using multiple-screen techniques, we see everything terrified Miguel does to avoid getting caught as he hides and seeks help from others.

DIRECTOR : Jeremy Kagan
CAST : Berkeley Xander, Lendeborg Jr. Jorge, Hendrix Elaine, Leal Sharon, Wyle Noah, Warner Malcolm-Jamal


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