The Internet’s Chosen One: Jeff Goldblum

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One of the most unique actors to grace the screen, Jeff Goldblum is hard not to love. Just look at his impact on pop culture (cue shirtless Jeff Goldblum meme here). Goldblum is an Internet sensation, whose popularity doesn’t solely stem from his acting career; it’s a result of his overall persona — his trademark combination of sophistication and eccentricity, charm, and erraticism. But Goldblum’s persona certainly has followed him into his films, creating the undeniable “Goldblum Factor” that makes every performance entertaining and enjoyable. From his zany personality to his instantly recognizable pattern of speech, when it comes to winning us over, Jeff Goldblum… um… finds a way.

We love Jeff Goldblum, and we don’t have to make videos or write articles about his movies to prove it…but we did anyway! So be sure to check out “Enter the World of Wes Anderson,” “Does ‘The Big Chill’ Capture the Baby Boomer Generation?,” and “Greed and Exploitation in Jurassic Park.” But we can’t give our heart to just one loveable actor, and that’s why we also gushed over Angela Bassett, Saoirse Ronan, Daniel Day-Lewis, and Jake Gyllenhaal.

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