The Endurance of The Big Lebowski

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We know that there are plenty of films that have endured year after year, decade after decade. However, very few films have become more popular with time. The Big Lebowski is one of those films. It doesn’t seem realistic to say that a stoner comedy from the late 90s with elements of film noir, Western, and a heavy dose of absurdity holds up, but the Coen Brothers’ seventh feature does — and then some.


While it wasn’t a huge success upon its initial release, The Dude and company began to win over the masses slowly but surely. The cultural impact of The Big Lebowski is absolutely astonishing. There are homages, costumes — and it may only follow Fight Club and Pulp Fiction for how many of its posters adorn dorm room walls. But all of these things pale in comparison to the fact the The Big Lebowski inspired its own annual festival and even its own religion! In the history of cinema, how many films have left that big of a mark on society? The Big Lebowski isn’t just a film. It’s like a way of life, man.


Here at Fandor, we love everyone in The Dude’s crew, from Steve Buscemi as Donny to John Goodman as Walter, who also stars in David Byrne’s “True Stories” (Which, hey, we made a video essay about!) Finally, end your trip down memory lane with our video, “When the Coen Brothers Meet Sigmund Freud,” to learn how the analyst’s relief theory of laughter explains some of cinema’s funniest moments.

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