The Endurance of ‘Singin’ in the Rain’

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In 1952, Gene Kelly tap-danced his way into cinemas with the beautiful and joyous musical, Singin’ in the Rain. Nearly seventy years later, the movie still consistently appears on every “Best Films” list and is often referred to as the greatest musical of all time. Continuously referenced throughout pop culture, it is undoubtedly the gold standard when it comes to musicals and is surely one of the most timeless films to come out of Classical Hollywood.

While it’s impressive that any film from the fifties is able to stand the test of time, Singin’ in the Rain’s endurance is even more spectacular given that it’s a musical. While films like La La Land and various animated movies have helped keep the genre alive to an extent, it just isn’t as popular as it once was. Yet, somehow, Singin’ in the Rain remains untarnished and just as bright as ever. In our latest essay exploring timeless classics, we take a look at just why, next time it rains, you very well may find yourself humming that titular tune.

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