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Poster My Name is Jonah

My Name is Jonah (2020)

A group of filmmakers follow a self proclaimed real life warrior, adventurer, and musician from Rochester, New York, who gained cult status through social media.

They comb through his life, revealing a tumultuous family relationship, his involvement with military special ops, drug addled misadventures , a mysterious marriage and divorce to an Eastern European woman, and much, much more. With numerous characters introduced along the way, like his best friend and “manager” Skip, his legend and mythos grows.

Jonah’s story pulls you deep into the rabbit hole and makes you wonder if it’s just Jonah or is all of upstate New York just as crazed and wild as he is. One thing is for certain: His name is Jonah.

DIRECTOR : Phil Healy, Jb Sapienza
CAST : Dave Kasperson, Gary Bader, Michael Galton, Marisa Cameron, Ben Adams, Jonah Washnis, Skip Evon, Jim Washnis, Jackie Kasperson, Marcia Adams


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