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Jake Gyllenhaal is easily one of the most exciting actors working today. Over the past ten years or so alone, he has turned in some of the best and most memorable performances captured on film. Despite this, it’s actually rather hard to find a pattern in his roles — he’s taken on everything from zany and eccentric to dark and brooding, and just about everything in between — but it’s obvious that he gives each role his all no matter what it is. He is known to dive deeply into his roles, transforming his body and learning everything that he can about his motivations. But Gyllenhaal’s dedication might only be matched by his precise understanding of the craft of acting. From his communicative eyes to his posture, to the most subtle of movements and body language, Gyllenhaal simply knows how to create layered and nuanced characters, and we love him for it.

And since he’s not the only Gyllenhaal worth talking about, don’t miss our video on Maggie Gyllenhaal’s fierce independence.

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