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Film Poster Holy Lands

Holy Lands (2017)

Adapted from her critically acclaimed novel, Amanda Sthers’ HOLY LANDS explores the complicated lives of the Rosenmerck family. Harry (James Caan), a lapsed Jew and former cardiologist from New York, suddenly decides to spend his retirement as a pig farmer in Nazareth, Israel. It is a move that deeply shocks his family and puts him at odds with the local community there, in particular rabbi Moshe (Tom Hollander).

Back in New York, Harry’s ex-wife Monica (Rosanna Arquette) is trying to manage the lives of their adult children Annabelle (Efrat Dor) and David (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), as well as her own, after finding out she has a brain tumor. Filmed in the iconic landscapes of Israel, HOLY LANDS is a universal story of love, family, loss and tolerance, told with incredible humor and heart in career-best performances by the stellar ensemble cast. HOLY LANDS shows that, even in the most dysfunctional of families, what matters is the courage to say what has been left unsaid.

DIRECTOR : Amanda Sthers
CAST : Rosanna Arquette, James Caan, Tom Hollander, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Efrat Dor


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