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It’s hard to believe that Evan Rachel Wood — who as rancher’s-daughter-gone-rogue Dolores Abernathy has totally stolen the show, so to speak, on HBO’s Westworld — is only thirty-one years old! She’s been a part of our lives since at least 2003, when her unforgettable performance as an adolescent nightmare in Thirteen shocked and impressed audiences and critics alike. Since then, she has grown up on camera, and whether she’s playing dangerous and devious or damaged yet determined, she’s never been afraid to get in touch with her dark side, pursuing roles that subvert her “good girl” good looks and definitely prove that she’s got one of the oldest souls in Hollywood. Off-screen, Wood boldly exploits the platform of celebrity to advocate for abuse survivors, bisexual visibility, and diversity in her industry. She may not have a shotgun, like Dolores, but she’s still taking aim at injustice all the same!

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