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WATCH – Fox Style

They call him the Black Fox…he cleans up the scene and makes his name in the money game! Written and directed by Clyde Houston, this Blaxploitation film follows A.J. Fox (Chuck Daniel), a wealthy nightclub owner whose riches came from striking oil in his hometown in Texas. After years of living the good life, Fox’s mother, Hattie (Juanita Moore), calls her son and tells him that the town’s factory has closed, leaving most of the citizens jobless. Fox purchases the factory, inciting a war between Fox and corrupt wealthy citizens living nearby. If you’re looking for trouble you’ll find it in style!

DIRECTOR : Clyde Houston
CAST : Denise Denise, Juanita Moore, Richard Lawson, Newell Alexander, Ted Mitchell, Hank Rolike, Reuben Collins, Jovita Bush, Richard Washington, Chuck Daniel


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