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Women in Film: Brie Larson

From saving the Avengers to fighting for diversity and equality, Brie Larson is a superhero both on and off-screen. The Academy Award-winning actress has used …

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Color By Numbers: ‘Devdas’

In the United States, our film industry chooses to adopt novels several times on film if they’re seminal classics—The Great Gatsby, Pride & Prejudice, The …

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The Robert De Niro Syndrome

Robert De Niro needs no introduction. He has played Vito Corleone, Travis Bickle, Jake La Motta, Al Capone, Rupert Pupkin…even Frankenstein’s monster! He has been …

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Amy Adams Goes All In

It’s hard to believe that the linguistics professor translating aliens in Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival, the con-woman with fluctuating accents in American Hustle, and the troubled …

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What is Technosexuality?

Our lives are becoming more dependent on technology with each passing year. So it goes without saying that humankind might become dependent on technology for …

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Wim Wenders and the Possibilities of the Road

There is no filmmaker like Wim Wenders. His intensely personal, poetic films are favorites of critics and audiences alike, and while he has a vast …

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SFX Secrets: Frame Rates

Twenty-four images per second. That’s what we see when we watch a movie. Twenty-four individual photos, played back-to-back, at a speed fast enough to create …

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Color Me Bava

Mario Bava, one of the most formidable exponents of the suspense sub-genre known as Giallo, mastered both camera movements and Technicolor to give his films …

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Are ‘Le Samouraï,’ ‘Drive,’ and ‘The Driver’ the Same Film?

Ready for a thought experiment? Hop on the universe’s interspatial, multi-temporal highway, crank up some Hans Zimmer (or whatever floats your boat), and travel back …

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Help Your Self!

Three films by Paul Thomas Anderson, Richard Kelly, and Darren Aronofsky came out within a few years of each other, all satirizing the self-help guru. …

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