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Tsai Ming-liang and Lee Kang-sheng Are a Perfect Partnership

In 2013, Tsai Ming-Liang released his tenth feature film, Stray Dogs. The film starred Lee Kang-sheng, who had not only starred in every one of …

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‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ is the Ultimate Halloween Musical

The Nightmare Before Christmas, or the best Tim Burton movie that Burton didn’t direct, hit theaters in 1993. Helmed by Coraline director Henry Selick, the …

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What Movies Get Right (and Wrong) About Cats

Just in time for National Cat Day, we’re here to discuss one of the most egregious tragedies of cinema – the long, sad history of …

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Rachel Portman Broke Barriers with Her Music

In the history of the Academy Awards, only eight women have been nominated for composing. The first woman to take home an Oscar for Best …

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‘Marie Antoinette’ is a (Post) Modern Revolution

Of all the female characters that populate Sofia Coppola’s films, the obvious stand-in for the director herself is Scarlett Johansson’s Charlotte in Lost in Translation. …

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How Queen Rocks the Screen

If you made a list of the most iconic bands of all time, Queen has to be near the top. With countless instantly recognizable hits …

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Why We Love Tilda Swinton

When it comes down to onscreen presence, I don’t think anyone is more fascinating than Tilda Swinton. The Academy Award-winning actress has quite the resume …

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Language of the Image: Robbie Ryan

Robbie Ryan has been shooting since he was fourteen. He’s now forty-eight. That’s thirty-four years behind the camera! His career is not the easiest to …

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Exposing Exposition

Before a movie can proceed with its story, it needs to lay its narrative groundwork through exposition. However, exposition is often delivered in clunky and …

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Ryan Gosling Is a Complicated Heartthrob

When you think of Ryan Gosling, you probably think of the smooth and charming heartthrob that is the handsome lead in sappy romantic dramas. But …

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