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Women in Film: Brie Larson

From saving the Avengers to fighting for diversity and equality, Brie Larson is a superhero both on and off-screen. The Academy Award-winning actress has used …

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Anna Karina: The Muse of the French New Wave

In the early 1960s, Anna Karina played muse for one of the French New Wave’s most iconic directors: Jean-Luc Godard. Despite the ups and downs …

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Denis Villeneuve: Directorial Trademarks

Without a doubt, Denis Villeneuve is one of the most masterful directors working today. The prolific, Canadian auteur has a distinct style that is moody …

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The Innovative, Ingenious, Timeless Buster Keaton

There’s no doubt that Buster Keaton is a silent cinema comedy icon, but his legacy extends beyond laughs and gags. In his career, he pushed …

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How Home Movies Capture the Beauty of the Everyday

You’ve seen them before — a sentimental moment where a character watches an old home movie of their loved ones. There’s something strikingly artificial about …

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The New Canon: ‘City of God’

The city of God famously starts with a chicken making a desperate getaway from a cooking pot. The rapid-fire editing and percussive, intense action set …

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The Radiohead Effect

Only a handful of bands truly command attention and analysis when one of their songs enters a scene. Radiohead is undoubtedly one of these bands. …

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Luis Buñuel: The Provocateur

The legendary Spanish filmmaker Luis Buñuel died in Mexico in 1983. Two years before — only two years — his second film was finally released …

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Why We Laugh — Part 4

Twenty years ago a team of psychologists revolutionized the way that we see ourselves. It all began with an experiment to see if mammals, like …

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How Many Genres Are There In ‘Kill Bill’?

We at Fandor love categorizing films by genre. Often it’s an easy task — The Searchers is definitely a Western, Singin’ in the Rain is …

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